3 types of cured meat and what you might like to drink with them

Hathor Farm is based in Framfield, East Sussex. The farm there is run by Emile Webber who has developed a stock of his favourite rare breed Large Black pigs that provide the juicy tender pork and the best Charcuterie for The Sussex Kitchen.

 Emile finds managing the Large Black Pig breed very easy and enjoys the whole process from farrowing and rearing new litters, to caring for the characterful adult pigs, and to ensure they have plenty of room to graze and rootle around for grubs and goodies in the larger fields.

There are a few Biodynamic fruit and dairy farms in the area where Emile helps out,  he can often bring home extra goodies, enabling the pigs to benefit from a varied diet; organic orchard waste of apples, plums and pears, their own organic feed, and when Plaw Hatch Dairy has a surplus of milk, the pigs enjoy a rare delicious slurp! There’s no doubt that their pork ends up with the most fabulous flavour.

Having ordered various cuts of meat from Hathor Farm for The Sussex Kitchen, Director - Alexander Jacobs began to think of exploring the possibility of developing home-cured hams and salamis. A collaboration grew between Emile, his childhood friend from the Netherlands - Eelco Visser, and Alexander. They began to work together on honing different flavour combinations, and variations in curing, and drying.

Following a few years of experimenting they have come up with some delicious Dry-Cured Organic Coppa, Salami - so popular the website is waiting for the next batch! and thinly sliced Organic 12-month Air-Dried Ham.

The online shop now supplies Hathor Farm’s succulent tender pork and more of the best charcuterie is now drying in The Sussex Kitchen's temperature-controlled larders these mimic cave conditions, so the final flavours are the best they can be.

The salamis are delicious with a glass of crisp dry Riesling or fragrant Sauvignon Blanc and the Organic Air-Dried ham is totally delicious with a vibrant New Zealand Pinot Noir or when the sun is shining, why not try with the perfect summer dry Provencal rose.

Photos: Hathor Farm

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