The Sussex Kitchen is an award-winning artisanal craft bakery that’s been kneading and baking delicious treats, loaves and all-things flour since 2011. Founded by Alex Jacobs, our main man. 

Located in the heart of Sussex, we pride ourselves on using all-organic, locally sourced ingredients for our doughy masterpieces (they truly are, trust us. Better yet, try some) and putting simple, delicious flavours at the centre of our work.

We deliver our creations to a number of nearby farm shops, restaurants and cafes and, at the start of 2020, launched this brilliant web shop you’re currently browsing.

Here you’ll find not just bread, but also a bounty of pastries, jams and breakfast treats, to ensure you and your loved ones can start the day on the right foot (we make a killer coffee, too). 

It’s our way to give anyone who has a passion for good food the opportunity to enjoy the best flavours from Sussex and further afield, in just a couple of clicks, from the moment you wake up. 

Behind the Scenes 

We bake 7 days a week 24 hours a day. And we love it!