The Sussex Kitchen can supply baked goods to restaurants, cafes, shops, hotels, hairdressers, indie shops and more. Essentially, anywhere there's a need for bread and pastries, we’re there.
Our breads and pastries are a product of love – and time. Our recipes are simple, based on traditional techniques and natural ingredients; locally-sourced organic flour, and the best quality ingredients. We craft everything fresh, and can customise our creations to our clients’ needs and wants. 
What’s more, we deliver 7 days a week, and boast one of the earliest delivery services in Sussex. 
As a wholesaler, we also offer a larger variety of loaves for you to choose from than those you’ll find on our webshop. Want to know more and receive the full list of our products? Just contact us at orders@thesussexkitchen.com, and let’s talk.

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