4 of The Sussex Kitchen's top organic cheeses

The Sussex Kitchen stock four of the High Weald Dairy’s fabulous award-winning cheeses. Slipcote and Medita cheeses are made with pure sheep’s milk - a brilliant alternative for those allergic to cow’s milk. 

British Friesland Sheep give up to three litres of milk per day.

Sussex Slipcote is one of the superb fresh soft cheeses with its name derived from a traditional cottage type of cheese mentioned in Shakespeare's Merry Wives of Windsor. The cheese is mild with a low ph and made from 100% organic sheep’s milk. The creamy yet light fluffy texture is able to absorb flavours really well.

Deliciously soft creamy Slipcote Cheese

Medita similar to the Greek Feta - meaning slice, made from curdled milk, and stored in brine. 

Clean white Medita adds a refreshing tang to any salad.

A unique white, crumbly, clean-tasting salty cheese which is sprinkled over mouth-watering Greek salads, with watermelon, or strawberries. Try crumbled over homemade thick-cut oven chips with a last-minute addition of lightly golden crushed garlic toasted in olive oil, scatter oregano and Medita over the crispy chips and all that’s needed is a fresh green salad - an easy win for an evening snack and crucial addition to your home delivery box.

The Halloumi cheese we've chosen is made with a mixture of sheep & cow's milk for a stronger flavour, a real winner for BBQs, grilled as a perfect meat substitute, intermingled with crunchy peppers, juicy courgettes and sweet tomato skewered on a kebab, or included in a stir-fry - utterly delicious.

Mixed milk Halloumi

Halloumi originated in the Mediterranean, mainly in Cyprus, forming a major part of the Cypriot diet. Sheep and goats were the only farmed animals on the island until the 20th century. Each village had its own Halloumi recipe and family names which are still around today derived from the cheese-making.  Halloumi has a high protein content, perfect for any shepherd’s lunchbox, it also has a distinctive squeaky texture from its tight layering, slightly softer centre and firm outer layer. The cheese grills to a lovely golden brown due to its unique high melting point adding a smokiness to the salty flavour.

Introducing the fabulous Brighton Blue cheese... 

A world-class winning cheese taking Super Gold in the 2017/18  World Cheese Awards is the High Weald Dairy's Brighton Blue cheese, mouth-watering with our winning White-Sussex sourdough bread. 

When ready, the soft curds from the cow's milk are lightly pressed into their molds, the lightness creates a more open texture which once pierced by stainless steel spikes, lets the air in,  creating the lovely blue veins in the cheese. The truckles/cakes are left in a maturing room and regularly turned during each week over a three month period. Even moisture content is crucial to creating the famous Brighton Blue.  Served to passengers flying in Virgin Atlantic’s upper-class cabin, make sure not to miss out and try some for yourself

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