The Sussex Kitchen's Seasonal Organic Flavours

Brambletye Fruit Farm and Orchard Eggs - The Sussex Kitchen's seasonal organic flavours are partly made up of fruit, veg, and incredible Orchard eggs which come from Brambletye Biodynamic fruit farm. 

A clutch of fields were originally bought by Stein Leenders ten years ago. Stein was the first of five Biodynamic farmers who eventually came together to combine their knowledge and passion for naturally sustainable agriculture into developing a 40-acre biodynamic farm of their own in the wonderful High Weald of Sussex.

Biodynamic farming involves a unique approach to organic agriculture, with the aim of naturally restoring health and vitality to the soil through the rotation of crops, and grazing animals where they naturally fertilize the land.

The Orchard chickens are a part of the whole rotation process as they graze freely beneath the fruit trees and in amongst the soft fruit bushes & canes, whilst organically fertilizing the soil, they have the best of diets to produce our fabulous Organic Orchard Farm Eggs.

Orchard Farm organic eggs, scrambled, on freshly buttered sourdough toast - to die for!

Here at The Sussex Kitchen we make the most of each season when we buy produce from Brambletye Biodynamic Farm. From the onset of organic crunchy butterhead, red oakleaf lettuces, and peppery radishes to all types of organic juicy green beans, delicious courgettes, carrot, nutritious beetroot, kale, and potatoes. The excitement of waiting for the new varieties of veg and amazing soft fruit, keep us on our toes!

Then we reach the autumn when the whole gamut of tasty root crops and indigenous fruits arrive; several varieties of sweet, sharp, crunchy apples, succulent pears, the juiciest plums, and amazing red gooseberries - give us every excuse to dream up our fabulous fruit tarts and sorbets. We love to keep the surprises coming so please keep a lookout for new varieties and creations to add to your home delivery box.

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