The Sussex Kitchen Supports: Plaw Hatch Farm

Sitting pretty on the edge of the Ashdown Forest near Sharpthorne, surrounded by verdant hills and vast expanses of green, Plaw Hatch Farm has been a biodynamic farm for forty years, and is owned by a charitable trust. 



To date, it spans almost 500 acres within a 12-mile radius of the main farm, and its tenant farmers provide a range of impossibly fresh organic produce to the local Sussex community -- including The Sussex Kitchen, of course. 



Its offerings are many and varied: there’s a dairy herd providing luscious raw milk, cheeses, yoghurts and cream; a 12-acres garden growing seasonal vegetables and fruits; and sheep, pigs and hens happily roaming its crops. 



All of its produce is lovely tended to by a team of passionate farmers whose agricultural approach values sustainable husbandry of the land and responsible and loving welfare of the animals. That’s exactly why we decided to work with them and stock them in our online shop.


After all, good partnerships are all about sharing and cherishing the same values. 


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