The Sussex Kitchen Loyalty Program

We are excited to announce our first Loyalty Program. We want to reward our frequent customers with some lovely discounts. ⁣

How it Works

  • Place 10 orders and receive a 10% discount.⁣
  • Place 20 orders and receive a 20% discount.⁣
  • Place 30 orders and receive a 30% discount.⁣
  • Place 40 orders and receive a 40% discount.⁣
  • Place 50 orders and receive a 50% discount.⁣

When you reach your first 10% milestone, you will receive an email from us with the discount voucher. ⁣

You can redeem your voucher with any purchase (no order limit) on our website. ⁣

After you receive the 50% discount you will have officially achieved The Sussex Kitchen super duper loyal customer virtual recognition award. You will then start counting from order #1 again.⁣

Happy shopping! 

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