Hello, Meet Tony!

A born-and-bred Londoner, Tony cut his teeth as a master baker and chef at a slew of gastro-pubs, brasseries and fine dining restaurants both in the capital and Oxfordshire. Never one to sit idle, he also worked in the events business for over a decade, catering to big and small functions (and cooking big and small feasts)  across the country. 



In 2019, yearning for a slower pace of life, he decided to move to East Sussex, and switched his focus to the one thing that always seems to make people happy -- baked goods.

He joined The Sussex Kitchen as one of our master bakers and, in the span of only a few months, became a star player for the team. 



Tony is the creator of our best sourdoughs and focaccias, a wizard with the oven, a mastermind of unleavened breads and perfectly airy loaves. We like to say he’s got a magic touch, because yeast, water and flour really turn into something special under his spell. Seriously, just try some of his babies

When he’s not in our kitchen whipping up bread and the likes, you’ll likely catch Tony whizzing around Sussex hills on his bicycle -- he loves cycling --  to burn off some of The Sussex Kitchen’s croissant calories. Say hi (but don’t ask him what his secret recipe for those croissants are. He won’t tell, we’ve tried).

Fancy a bit of port? Tony’s favourite way of unwinding after a long day at The Sussex Kitchen is one more reason we all want to be his friends: the man loves to sip some port and scroll through books and magazines featuring mid-century modern designs. How neat is that?? We love you Tony. 


Photos: Theodor Brinch

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