Hello, meet Hinako!

Or, as everyone calls her, Koko. Born in Osaka, Japan, but raised in the UK, Koko has two big passions in life: food, and making others happy. 


Before she joined our team, she had stints at a variety of people-centred jobs -- the London Ambulance Service and British Airways just to name two -- and developed a true inclination for the service industry. Deciding to come on board as our customer service manager was a natural next step for her career: Koko loves dealing with individuals from all walks of life, helping smoothing out orders and taking in feedback on how to make our shop a better grocery for everybody.  She’s a great listener, and even greater strategic planner -- we truly would be lost without her!


In her free time, Koko loves cooking and baking with her three year old, Alfred, who’s equally passionate about food. The two of them do all their groceries with us, and Koko’s favourite thing at the moment is creating meals with what Alfred has chosen to add to their cart. 


When she’s not answering your calls or whipping up new recipes in her kitchen, you’ll find Koko snowboarding -- something she hopes to pick up again next winter. 


Photos: Theodor Brinch 

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