Hello, meet Andreas!

Sveiki (hello in Latvian) from Andreas, our bearded bread maker! An essential member of The Sussex Kitchen, Andreas is the hands behind some of our most beloved loaves, from our prized sourdough to our nutritious ryes. A real rock of a man, he’s also a true motivator for us all, coming to work every day with a smile, and always showing real passion for making the crunchiest, fluffiest, moistest breads possible. 

Hailing from Latvia, Andreas loves bread with a passion -- so much so that his favourite pastime when he’s not working is, well, making bread, and honing his techniques in his home kitchen (we hear it smells delightful).



An expert of Latvian rye bread with dried fruit and seeds (try it, it’s delicious), he has worked as a baker with us for a year, and walks six miles every day -- rain or shine, hot or cold -- to get to the bakery. Six miles. Talking of a man with a resolute mind, eh? 


Andreas lives with his wife, two children, and of course his well-groomed beard -- one of his more defining features, and the envy of many of the guys at The Sussex Kitchen. He has a kind heart and a constant desire to craft the perfect loaf. He has done more than well so far in that respect, if you ask us. 


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