Five things we’re thankful for after lockdown

From a trip to the pub to a visit to our hairdresser, here are five things we’ve been highly enjoying post-lockdown. What are yours?


Beer gardens

This is the season to drink outside, and we’re really loving our sips in the sunshine this year. We’ve missed the pub immensely over the past few months, and not at all for alcohol-related reasons. Rather, we’ve longed for the camaraderie of sharing a pint and a chat with your friends, the buzzy atmosphere of our local establishment, the gregariousness of it all. It’s so good to have it back!

Hairdressers and barber shops

Seriously excited about this one. Yes, we were in dire need of a haircut and a trim, but we also just really missed how pampered and fresh a visit to the salon can make you feel. Nothing really beats having your hair styled and attended to by a pro (sorry mum/flatmate/partner, your cutting skills just aren’t that good). 

That back to school vibe 

Students back at school. Kids socialising with their friends in classrooms and courtyards, or playing ball after class. We missed it all so much, and we aren’t even children anymore. It just feels like normality is slowly making its way back into our lives, and we’re all for it. 

Meeting our friends, anywhere

This may be an obvious one, but a good catch up with our best mates was long overdue (Zoom stopped cutting it ages ago). We’ve been loving booking in some time with our pals, especially those who live far away. 

Visiting our fave indie shops

There’s something incredibly satisfying about spending the day browsing your local shops that we’d never quite appreciated so much before. And oh boy, it’s so nice to support our local communities in any ways we can (all the better when there’s shopping involved). 

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