A day at the Sussex Kitchen

We are busy bees at The Sussex Kitchen, working seven days a week and 24 hours a day. Here’s a snapshot of how we do it. Our bottom line? Always making sure you get the freshest breads and pastries delivered to your door. 

6am: Delivery vans have just left and in comes the pastry chef to work with the butter while the bakery is cooler. Croissants are first in the oven, till they reach that perfect airy, jiggly, fluffy consistency. 

7am: Brownies, cookies and other treats are on our to-do list next. We knead, proof and bake batches at a time, to make sure we get all orders in. Things are getting hotter by this point, and the smell of fresh pastries fills the bakery. It’s possibly our favourite time of the day. 

9am: The head baker arrives and the bread making begins. ⁣Water, salt, seeds and the flours are prepped and weighed. 

11am: The mixing begins. 

12pm: The final orders are in and we mix some more dough. We use about 35 different types of dough for various products, so it takes a while to get everything ready! 

1 pm: We mix and fold some more, then, just before lunch,   leave to ferment each and every dough. 

5pm: More bakers arrive and jam out to 70s music. It’s a bread party all day, every day.

7pm: Breads are shaped and left to prove in their baskets. ⁣

9pm: The bread is ready for baking - we slash the loaves with sharp knives and slide them into a fiery hot oven. For about 30 min the bread gets real cosy, then it rests and waits to be packed.⁣

3am: The packing starts - all the small boxes and big wholesale orders are filled.

6am: The drivers are ready in their vans full of The Sussex Kitchen goods. Deliveries are sent straight to your door. And our pastry chef walks through the door…. A new baking day begin.

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