Three ways to use your candied citrus peels

Candied citrus peels are the epitome of Christmas. Growing up, we used to love snacking on them (still do), and loved even more making them from scratch -- which is why you’ll find a selection of candied orange, citron and lemon peels among our festive treats this year. It’s our way to share our fondness for them with you.

Wondering how else you could use your candied peels besides munching on them? We’ve got you covered. Here are three ideas to integrate them into your cooking, meals, and festive celebrations. 

Baked goods

Candied citrus is a chic topper for cakes and a wonderful ingredient to help brighten up your morning scone. You can also incorporate it into your bakes: simply finely chop and stir into muffin batter or scone dough.

Homemade salads & trail mix

Jazz up your daily fruit serving by swapping out dried cranberries and apricots for candied citrus in your salads and trail mix. The peel will add a tangy tartness that’s deliciously addictive -- and way more interesting than any cranberry will ever be. 

Cocktail garnishes

Elevate any citrus-based cocktail with a candied citrus garnish (if you make yours at home you can also use the leftover simple syrup from cooking them in your drink itself).

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