Hello, meet Matt N.2

Meet Matt, our second baker in command (yes, our first in command is also called Matt). We apparently loooooooove Matts at The Sussex Kitchen. ⁣

Born and raised in Kent, Matt lived in a few places in the UK before landing at The Sussex Kitchen, where he set out to become our second head baker. A very practical person, he’s a methodical bread maker who loves working with his hands, kneading the dough till it’s perfect for proofing. 

Outside of our kitchen, he spends his free time cooking and baking for family and friends (you see, we weren’t lying when we said that baking is our passion) and also enjoys DIY projects. He can make a lamp out of anything -- we mean it: anything.⁣ Just ask him when you see him.

A few fun facts: Matt has been learning to play the piano from scratch for the past five years, achieving grades 1-4 and even performing at a few concerts. What a legend! ⁣He has a little Italian greyhound called Dash that loves to run and play, and loves even more when Matt brings him back some treats from the bakery. 

Extra fan fact: Matt once queued for 5 and 1/2 hours to meet Beyonce and he says that it was so worth it. We believe him (and are secretly incredibly jealous).

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