Festive treats at The Sussex Kitchen

One of our favourite things about Christmas has to be the plethora of treats and pastries we get to craft (and eat) at The Sussex Kitchen. 

Because we’re serious about our sweet tooth, we don’t just limit ourselves to mince pies, the most quintessentially festive British pudding. Oh no. We draw inspiration from different European traditions, look for things we have never tried before, and always strive to expand our holiday repertoire to include as many diverse and delicious flavours as possible. After all, ‘tis is the season to indulge, and the more baked goods we -- and you -- have, the more we can genuinely do so. 

Without further ado, then, let us introduce you to some of our most beloved Christmas products. You of course already know our Mince Pies -- which we also offer in a wheat free version --  made with a traditional recipe featuring nothing but wholesome, natural and organic ingredients, mixed together from scratch, and always baked in house. 

Then there are our Christmas Spiced Honey Biscuits finished with icing nuts, chocolate and a fiery gingery twist -- the perfect pair to your afternoon’s cup of tea. 

Pfeffernusse, a Spicy German Christmas Biscuit flavoured with cloves, ginger and honey; and Stollen a classic German cake packed with vine fruit, candied orange and cedro peel, almonds and candied sour cherries, and of course marsipan and rum, will transport you straight to a German Christmas market, providing that bit of escapism we all need right now. 

If you rather “travel” to northern Italy, our Almond Pistachio & Candied Fruit Nougat might be more to your taste -- it’s a chewy, delightful winter treat packed with almonds, pistachio nuts, candied orange peel and dried sour cherries. 

Or perhaps you prefer a Marron Glace, a typical confection originating in southern France that consists of a chestnut candied in sugar syrup and glazed. It’s another tantalising trip for the taste buds, and a great way to end a meal before plopping in front of the TV -- or why not, nibble on while watching a movie. 

If you can’t choose, our Gift Card allows you to mix and match, and makes a lovely Christmas present for the confectionery enthusiasts in your life -- or yourself. 

We all need a little extra sweetness this year. 

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