Does organic food taste better?

The method of biodynamic food production is the world’s oldest system of Organic farming. We have the good fortune to have Plaw Hatch Biodynamic Farm -  a two hundred acre community-owned farm, just a short distance away from us in Sussex. This is a mixed farm with sheep, pigs, laying hens, a twelve-acre garden for fruit and vegetables, and most importantly a dairy herd.

We at The Sussex Kitchen stock their amazing Biodynamic Live Yoghurt and tangy Vintage Cheddar Cheese, which are made with raw milk from traditionally farmed, grass-fed cows.

The raw milk is collected through a highly efficient hygienic system that delivers the milk in perfect condition to the dairy - ready to be bottled, made into cheese, and also live yoghurt. All of their products are the result of using traditional methods.

The yoghurt is made with raw milk that has been heated to destroy inherent bacteria and good bacteria is added, the final product has a unique taste, extraordinary texture, and delicious flavour.

 Kick-off with a highly nutritious start to your day, try Plaw Hatch yoghurt with our Sussex Kitchen nutty muesli and fresh fruit, one of the best taste sensations imaginable. Try some!


Photo: Robin Hall

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