A cheesy spread

From Lancashire Bomb Cheese to Wealden Goat Cheese, take a dip (with a slice of sourdough in hand) into The Sussex Kitchen’s world of delicious dairy products. 

We pride ourselves in carrying cheeses that are crafted in Britain and made by independent, often family-run farms we’ve been working with for a long time. Here are just a few you’ll find on our webshop. Ideal for a lavish cheese board or a fun cheese tasting with the family (but also great as a mid-afternoon snack or after-dinner treat), try them all to pick your favourite. It’ll be hard to choose, we tell you.

St George Goat’s Milk Sussex Camembert, Blue Knowle Goat Cheese and Wealden Goat Cheese

Goat cheese's unmistakably tang and coat-your-mouth creaminess have turned us into lifelong fans. Punchy and great with a slice of crusty bread, these three kinds from Nut Knowle Farm are set to change your life, either eaten on their own or used in salads, pies or crumbled over pizza. 


The West Country's answer to raclette, Ogleshield is a gentle yet layered cheese, with a sweet aroma and savoury, pungent flavour. It melts and cooks brilliantly, and works great in gratins or Arnol Bennet omelettes.

Lancashire Bomb Cheese

Made by Andrew Shorrock in Goosnargh, near Preston, the Lancashire Bomb cheese is a true regional classic. Luxuriously creamy, strong and sharp with a slight sweetness and a touch of acid, it’s matured for 24 months, wrapped in muslin and dipped into wax, to create a taste like no other, meaning it’s incredibly easy to finish in a couple of sittings. Perfect for a sophisticated tasting. 

Brighton Blue Cheese

A mild, semi-soft cheese with a mellow flavour and a slightly salty finish, the Brighton Blue Cheese is one of our most popular cheeses, not to mention the winner of the prestigious Super Gold at the World Cheese Awards 2017-2018. Slighlty crumbly its distinctive blue-green veins, which deepen as it matures, and the taste of the blue becomes stronger. Eat on its own, at room temperature, with one of The Sussex Kitchen’s flutes.

Golden Cross Ashed Goat’s Milk Cheese

Another one for the goat cheese devotees among us, the Golden Cross Ashed Goat Milk Cheese is first rolled in ash, then matured to develop a complex,yet subtle flavour. The result? A texture that’s like ice-cream, and a cheese that’s firm, slightly grainy, and even more delicious when grilled. 

High Weald Dairy Halloumi Cheese and Medita Cheese

High Weald Dairy is one of our favourite farms in the beautiful West Sussex countryside. Their small, dedicated team of cheesemakers has been crafting their halloumi cheese since the 1980s, which we love for its semi-hard texture and sharp taste -- and to pretend we’re in a Mediterranean island whenever we cook it. Their Medita -- feta -- is equally good: made with 100% organic sheep milk and then matured in brine for over five months, it is a semi soft crumbly cheese with a distinct, sharp, fresh, salty flavour that’s a dream in a simple tomato and cucumber salad. 

Lord of the Hundreds, Hard Sheep Cheese

A raw sheep's milk produced by Cliff and Julie Dyball of The Traditional Cheese Dairy in East Sussex, the mighty Lord of the Hundreds takes its name from the Saxon times, when tax collectors used to work on behalf of the Lords. Its texture is dry and a bit grainy,  with a flavour of roasted hazelnuts and salty caramel that’s not like Parmigiano Reggiano. Ideal shredded over pasta and with a medium-bodied glass of red wine. 



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